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How to build a home extension  without Planning Permission using your PD rights - Oct. 1st 2008



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instructions permitted developmentHow to use this web site for Permitted Development to residential homes beginning - October 1st 2008


Research is often key to understanding what you can & cannot build within the residential curtilage of your property. This web site should help you to gather information and opinions for that very use.  Homeowners usually fall into two categories when considering development under Permitted Development:-

1 - Refused Planning Permissions by your Council for extensions requiring consent.  You are now frustrated and want to exclude them from the control they have over your property (if you can).  This web site should help you do that.

2 - Want to build an extension or garden building without the delay or inconsistencies through the formal Planning Process. This web site will help you achieve that but possibly not the delay as we always recommend the submission of a Certificate of Lawful Development Application that will still require formal scaled drawings & a two month application period through the Council.


Not my most favourite of clients but certainly this web site should provide you with a degree of ammunition to achieve your goals if you have been thwarted through the formal Planning Permission process.


Seeking ways to improve your service to your clients? Have an idea to get around certain planning restrictions? Do you have a client wanting to exploit such development to their property?  Looking for that angle?  This web site may provide you with the answers in developing a strategy for your clients.


A lot of domestic clients get initial advice from the building Profession as their first port of call. Its what happens in the real world.  Regretfully many builders fail to appreciate the full extent of the 'technical traps' and what was achievable on Mrs. Smith's house must be applicable to Mrs. Jones house and carry on regardless with the eventual tears when told to stop or the homeowner is unable to sell on the property due to illegal building works.  This web site will assist the builders in understanding some of these PD complexities and hopefully advise their clients more precisely and cautiously.


I do not pretend for one moment that my understanding or knowledge of Planning and Permitted Development criteria exceeds their own but many do seem to struggle with the latest PD complexities especially some of the Junior or Graduate Officers who are often at the sharp end of all this within Development Control.  This web site will hopefully be another small resource for them in conjunction with their existing vast arsenal of Planning resources.


Download documents and diagrams of useful

Permitted Development information

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