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How to build a home extension  without Planning Permission using your PD rights - Oct. 1st 2008



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Are these bad examples of recently built Permitted Development structures attached to existing homes? - you decide.

Many homeowners just want the added space at the cost of sacraficing good design, style, materials and in scale. Other homeowners cannot get what they originally wanted through formal Planning Permission so have resorted to maximising their Permitted Development rights instead.  Often, just because you can build something without Council Consent does not always mean that its right for the building, the sites setting, street scene or the neighbours in particular.

Here are a selection of PD built extensions to existing properties that could have a lot of detrimental issues.  Good design is often in the eyes of the beholder just like beauty and, as such, can be very debateable and subjective so this is not an exact science.

However, it is my opinion that if 100 people were to vote on these PD examples, the majority would agree that these schemes are ugly, incongruous and fails to respect the local character.  Some may even have unneighbourly issues with a negative effect on local area house values.

See what you think and you decide! (this area is still under construction - more examples required please).

Are you neighbour that has seen a poor example of a PD extension?  If so please do send us a photograph and we will consider it for inclusion and voting on in our gallery.


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