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How to build a home extension  without Planning Permission using your PD rights - Oct. 1st 2008



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Dirty trick No. 4:- Implementation of the DCLG ‘technical guide’ examples.

The simple fact that the Government DCLG Technical Guide had to be made some 20 months later just proves how wrong the legislators on the revised PD wording got it. Regretfully the original ‘draft guide’ was very useful and ‘pro-consent’ for the home owner. Then it was got at by the Planners before formal release and it changed much of the draft guidance examples to the detriment of the homeowner.

There is much within this DCLG Technical Guide that highlights the technicalities and gives examples of ‘restrictive practice’ that favours the planners attitudes of retaining control. Much of the DCLG guide I disagree with on how to assess the wording and the technicalities of the construction elements. This guide placed the final nail in the coffin for many aspects that were seen as freeing up the Planning System simply because most peoples extension schemes now required formal Planning Consent.

Suggestion:- Ready the DCLG technical Guide and use it as a basis for forming your own extension scheme. Most councils Planning and Legal Departments are using this guide to determine PD issues so use it yourself and make sure that your scheme follows the guide precisely where you can interpret elements relevant to your own scheme.


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