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Summary of the latest Permitted Development changes - May 30th 2013. 

Change of Use.

Change of Use of Agricultural Buildings [Part 3, Class M]

This is another new class which allows the change of use of ‘a building or any land within its curtilage’ from use as an agricultural building to a ‘flexible use’ falling within Class A1, A2, A3, B1, B8, C1 or C2. There is a cumulative maximum floorspace limit of 500m² for each agricultural unit.

In order to qualify, the building concerned must have been in agricultural use since 3rd July 2012, or, if brought into use after that date, for at least 10 years. Again, Listed Buildings and Scheduled Ancient Monuments are excluded.

Where the building concerned is less than 150m² [calculated cumulatively] the developer must write to the LPA to: a) state the date the new use will commence; b) confirm the nature of the new use; and c) provide a location plan.

Where the cumulative floorspace affected is more than 150m², but less than 500m², a prior approval process will be followed, looking at: transport & highways impacts of the development; noise impacts; contamination risks, and flood risk on the site.

Any change of use carried out under Class M is thereafter to be treated as a sui generis use, even though it falls within one of the defined Use Classes and any ‘office’ use created can benefit from Part 41, Class B which allows the formation of hardstanding within its curtilage. A subsequent change to another use within the list specified in Class M is possible, but the LPA must first be notified of the change, as per the procedure that applied to the initial change, as described above.


























































































 Latest permitted development changes PD May 2013 summary